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A short course introducing the Book of Revelation

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Subtitle: A short course introducing the Book of Revelation
Summary: A short course (from May 2008) held at All Souls Langham Place, designed to give an introductory overview of that much debated, feared and manipulated book in the Bible, the Book of Revelation. Hopefully this will spur people to read and grow to love this book - just as it was designed to be!
Author: Mark Meynell; Category: Religion & Spirituality; Explicit: No

Track Listing

Meynell, Mark / 1. Meeting the Heavenly Jesus0:47:1634776.82400011.76 MB
After a brief introduction to the whole book, this session shows how Jesus is introduced to John the Apostle, and to us, his readers.

Meynell, Mark / 2. Living with the Worldly Church0:27:2834664.1240006.81 MB
This session takes the 7 letters to the 7 churches of Asia Minor together, seeking to draw out some of the lessons to today's church from the whole section.

Meynell, Mark / 3. Rejoicing with the Heavenly Church0:47:2934436.32400011.7 MB
As a profound encouragement to the churches in Asia Minor undergoing terrible persecution, this session shows how John's eyes were opened to God's heavenly perspective on human history and the church's identity in Christ.

Meynell, Mark / 4. Enduring the Cosmic Cycles0:46:1534470.52400011.41 MB
These are complex chapters - this session seeks to give a birds-eye view of the different cycles of plagues and events and then to explain their significance.

Meynell, Mark / 5. Conquering the Cosmic Fraudster0:45:5034383.22400011.27 MB
Lying behind the cosmic cycles is the handiwork of the cosmic fraudster, Satan. This session shows how he seeks to con people into following him by attempting to copy the identity and activity of the Trinity.

Meynell, Mark / 6. Millennium Mania0:42:4034405.82400010.78 MB
It is amazing how controversial just a handful of verses have been - this session aims to look at the various options for understanding the Millennium and how it might fit with the rest of the book.

Meynell, Mark / 7. Awaiting the Descending City1:01:3034017.72400015.24 MB
What can we expect for the culmination of God's plans for the world? This session seeks to wrap everything up with the last 2 chapters of the book.


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