ACTS: How God's Gospel Went Global

An Overview of the Book of Acts

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Subtitle: An Overview of the Book of Acts
Summary: Recorded at Cornerstone 2009 (the All Souls Langham Place Summer week away), these 5 talks (plus seminar) were designed to give a birdseye view of the book - capturing the thrilling scope of God's global plans. To download the talk outlines as well as some background maps, diagrams and illustrations, go to my blog:
Author: Mark Meynell; Category: Religion & Spirituality; Explicit: No

Track Listing

Mark Meynell / 1. MISSION MOMENTUM (Acts 1)0:51:49128kbps4410047.44 MB
Introducing the Book of Acts by showing Christ's mission agenda and purposes in the world.
An Overview of the Book of Acts
keywords: Christianity-Bible-Acts-Sermons
Mark Meynell / 3. HEINOUS HOSTILITY (Acts 7)0:55:43128kbps4410051.02 MB
Examines Stephen's Speech just before he is martyred - and considers the implications for the church

Mark Meynell / 4. ALIENS ACCEPTED (Acts 8-15)1:06:25128kbps4410060.81 MB
It was God's intention from the start that his gospel would have global implications. Acts 8-15 charts its initially tentative progress beyond the racial boundaries of Israel.

Mark Meynell / 5. GOSPEL GUARDIANS (Acts 16-20)0:58:51128kbps4410053.88 MB
Traces the key stages in the Apostle Paul's efforts to take the gospel into the Gentile world

Mark Meynell / 6. Seminar: ACTS & THE HOLY SPIRIT0:55:55128kbps4410051.21 MB
An extra session tackling a number of issues provoked by Luke's accounts of the Spirit's activity in the Early Church.

Mark Meynell / 2 BOUND BELIEVERS0:56:25128kbps4410051.65 MB
Tracing the very first week's of the Church's existence


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