John's Gospel for Today

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Subtitle: John's Gospel for Today
Summary: These talks were first given at CORNERSTONE 2010 (The All Souls Church, Langham Place Week Away) held in Bath in August 2010. These talks sought to give a sense of the whole of John's gospel by taking his Prologue (John 1:1-18) and his Gospel Summary Statement (John 20:30-31) as bookends - and then seeing how they get worked out in the course of the book's big themes. 1. The Beginning: THE WORD OF LIFE (John 1:1-18 - The Prologue) 2. The Revelation: SIGNS OF GOD (John 8:31-59 - Before Abraham... ) 3. The Gospel: LOVE FOR THE UNLOVELY (John 3:1-21 - The Religious Teacher Learns A Lesson) 4. The Battle: LIGHT vs DARKNESS (John 9 - A Blind Man Sees Again) 5. The Family: LIFE ON THE VINE (John 13:1-17 - A Community of Love) 6. ALL-AGE TALK - The Privilege: BELIEVE & LIVE! (John 20:24-31 - The Doubter Confesses) Seminar: CAN WE TRUST JOHN'S GOSPEL? NB Sound quality is variable - especially on Talk 3 and the All-Age Talk (no 6) - otherwise all should be fine.
Author: Mark Meynell; Category: Religion & Spirituality; Explicit: No

Track Listing

Mark Meynell / Seminar: Can we trust John's Gospel?1:08:03144kbps2400070.09 MB
An overview of some of the key objections to trusting the reliability of John's witness to Christ's ministry - as well as some suggestions for how to answer them.
A survey of the Historical Reliability of John's Gospel
keywords: John-gospel-theology-New Testament-lecture
Mark Meynell / 6. Trust in Him (All age talk) John 210:13:53144kbps2400014.31 MB
Fun for all the family - learning how Thomas' amazing confession of Christ can teach us all. NB - bad sound quality
Thomas finds his faith
keywords: Thomas-doubt-Christ-confession-Jesus
Mark Meynell / 5. The Family (Life on the Vine) - John 13 etc0:59:19144kbps2400061.1 MB
What does it mean to be the church today? What does true gospel community shaped by love look like? Jesus in John gives a number of answers.
Church Life in John's Gospel
keywords: church-community-fellowship-life-love
Mark Meynell / 4. The Battle (Light vs Darkness) John 90:58:38144kbps2400060.4 MB
Jesus knew from the beginning that he was being dropped into enemy-occupied territory. How does the battle with darkness play out in John's gospel (with a particular focus on his conflict with the Pharisees over the healing of the man born blind?
A Blind Man Sees Again
keywords: conversion-opposition-persecution-miracle
Mark Meynell / 3. The Gospel (Love for the Unlovely) - John 30:53:43144kbps2400055.33 MB
Jesus is approached by a senior religious figure and teacher - Nicodemus. But he discovers that the gospel of grace is more wonderfully scandalous than he could have imagined. NB BAD SOUND QUALITY
The Religious Teacher Learns A Lesson
keywords: new birth-grace-forgiveness
Mark Meynell / 2. The Revelation (The Signs of God) John 80:55:52144kbps2400057.55 MB
John's gospel has been known as the Gospel of Signs. But the crucial issue is where these signs point? This will put all the pieces of the divine jigsaw puzzle together, to understand why John was so crucial for what would later become the doctrine of the Trinity.
Before Abraham, I AM...
keywords: Jesus-Incarnation-Trinity-Divinity
Mark Meynell / 1. The Beginning (The Word of Life): John 1:1-18)0:44:2316kbps02400050.81 MB
The great symphony of John's Gospel begins here!
John's Symphony Begins
keywords: Glory-Christ-Incarnation-Fulfilment

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