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David's Psalms for Today

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Subtitle: David's Psalms for Today
Summary: 6 studies in the Life of David through some of the Psalms that relate to specific moments in his life. First recorded at Cornerstone 2014 (the All Souls week away in Bath, August 2014)
Author: Mark Meynell; Category: Religion & Spirituality; Explicit: No

Track Listing

Mark Meynell / 1. SHEPHERD: Shepherd Boy, Shepherd King, Shepherd God (Psalm 23)0:44:201354564410045.96 MB
Seeing how David's background as a humble shepherd boy prepared him for leadership, and more importantly, helped him understand how God had led and protected him. (Psalm 23, 1 Samuel 16-17)
Psalm 23 & 1 Samuel 16-17
keywords: Christianity, Exposition, King David, Psalms, Hope, Faith
Mark Meynell / 2. REFUGE: The Attacked but Shielded King (Psalm 59)0:53:521365674410055.62 MB
With background from 1 Samuel 18-19, we see how David's experience of persecution by his predecessor King Saul forced him to throw himself on God's sovereign mercy at times of real danger (as he does in Psalm 59)
Psalm 59 & 1 Samuel 18-10
keywords: Christianity, Exposition, King David, Psalms, Hope, Faith, Disorientation, Despair
Mark Meynell / 3. MERCY: The Guilty but Forgiven King (Psalms 32,51)0:57:271374994410059.5 MB
David's rule and moral authority is never the same again after his adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah - it has terrible consequences. But the remarkable thing about him is his speedy confession and seeking after God's mercy. The remarkable thing about God is his readiness to pour out his mercy. (Psalms 32, 51 with the background of 2 Samuel 11-12)

Mark Meynell / 4. SUFFERING: The Tortured but Trusting King (Psalm 22)0:54:561356974410056.32 MB
David suffered - as a direct consequence of being God's anointed king despite all his flaws (in other words, he was God's OT Messiah or Christ). As he pours out his anguish to God of genuine pain in Psalm 22, he simultaneously writes a prophetic from God to us, providing a precedent of his Greater Son's own suffering as the perfect Christ. (With Background from 1 Samuel 18-31 and 2 Samuel 15-18)

Mark Meynell / 5. ETERNITY: The Crowned but Eternal King (Psalm 110)0:53:101361984410054.79 MB
Psalm 110 is the psalm most quoted in the New Testament - but it is as mysterious as Psalm 22. It is full of strange hints and allusions to the true power behind David's throne. Despite not having specific events linked to the Psalm, a good case can be made for God's revelation to David about building his eternal house in 2 Samuel 7 being the key background. Then it quickly becomes clear from the New Testament that there can be only one person in mind in that position.

Mark Meynell / 6. EVERYTHING: Praise for the Cosmic King (Psalm 24) ALL-AGE0:19:431343374410021.95 MB
A Psalm of David which praises God for his creation of everything and everyone - and hints at the rescue on offer to all as we await the king's triumphal return. (All-age talk)


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