Ruth Naomi Floyd (Jazz Singer, Photographer, Servant of the City)

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  • Song Name: Ruth Naomi Floyd (Jazz Singer & Photographer)
  • Artist: Mark Meynell
  • Album: Quaerentia Conversations
  • Year: 2013

Ruth Naomi Floyd is a remarkably talented person: a powerful jazz singer, steeped in her African American heritage and jazz's roots in the Spirituals and Blues; a portrait photographer; a teacher; a worker amongst those living with HIV/AIDS, in her home town of Philadelphia and in Kenya.

Our conversation ranged widely over everything from Malcolm X to Queen Victoria, Calvary to Kenya, Job to joy.

Podcast includes a few musical excerpts taken from her albums:
- Walk & Not Be Faint (1999)
- Fan into Flame (2002)
- Root to the Fruit (2006)
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